Finally after months of work our first App is officially in the APP store available for iPhone and Android. Preoperative risk assessment prior to liver resection – next generation!

Remember the last patient you lost due to postoperative liver failure? Remember the last time you were frustrated because a study did focus on irrelevant clinical endpoint? Even got frustrated that a continues variable was classified with a single cut-off?

We now used > 12000  patients undergoing liver surgery for various indications to define the true clinical value of preoperative APRI/ALBI score to predict postoperative MORTALITY. Importantly, we also created an App together with 37binary that allows not one cut-off but a gradual assessment of patients risk with the option to select for resection type and underlying diagnosis. Easy to use during clinical routine and a perfect screening tool – try it out! Thx to @Seanpcleary @hubert_hackl and @j_starlinger for their major support in the great project! Now available in the App store for iPhone and Android. Paper available as open access at


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