“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.”

 Steve Jobs

At Mayo Clinic Rochester, with great support of Sean Cleary and Elizabeth Habermann, we utilized data from the NSQIP database to assess the predictive value of our APRI+ALBI score for postoperative outcome after liver resection. We aimed at assessing clinically relevant outcome parameters and focused specifically on 30-days postoperative mortality. With over 12000 patients included we were able to achieve a statistical power that allowed us to generate clinically very meaningful data.

We used these relevant results to generate predictive models together with Hubert Hackl and were ultimately able to develop a smart phone application together with Johannes Starlinger and 37binary that now allows us to translate these results into true clinical utility.


Available for iPhone and Android in the App storeType: TELLAPRIALBI

There is also a web based version of the App available under:

In Europe: the generated application is for informational purposes to allow patient by patient risk assessment. Simply go to the App Store and see for yourself how easy and useful this App is and how it might help you in your daily life as HPB surgeon.



Stay tuned for updates on the App as we aim to improve upon feedback.